Class: LM 17 - Master Degrees in Physics
Typology: Master Degree Course in Physics
Duration: 2 years
Credits: 120

Access: free

The second-level Degree Course in Physics provides their students with a deep knowledge of the main research sectors in the field of Physics, namely Physics of Fundamental Interactions, Statistical Physics, Physics of Condensed Matter and Biophysics. These subjects will be examined considering both their theoretical cornerstones and its most advanced experimental, ICT-assisted methods. 
The educational path for this Degree Course lets its students choose nine subjects out of eleven. This will allow a significant customization of educational pathways and a deep study of advanced research themes, balancing theory and experimentation and offering a good degree of flexibility towards the students’ cultural needs. 
The second-level Degree in Physics gives its students the knowledge of advanced methods and tools at the forefront of important breakthroughs in technology and allowing a synergy between Physics and other disciplines such as ICT and Informatics, Materials’ Science, Chemistry, Biology and all those other sciences connected with health and well-being. 
Students acquire their first training in scientific research by developing their original Dissertation, through which they can practice advanced techniques to be used in the field of experimental measurements and when applying theoretical and calculation methods. Traineeships in companies, based on University agreements may also count as a Dissertation for this Course. 
The skills and knowledge imparted by this Course is such that it allows its graduates to access the Ph.D. Courses in Physics, both in Italy and abroad , as well as similar Ph.D. courses such as Materials, Mathematics, ICT and Informatics and the like.
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