Master Degree


The main objective of the second-level Degree Course in Physics is to complete the basic education and training in the field of Physics, providing students with the specific knowledge needed to access advanced research, be it pure, applied, experimental or theoretical.

The Degree Course entails general teachings topics common to all students, besides specialized subjects in several fields. Students can follow different educational paths focused on Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Physics and Biophysics and Soft Matter Physics, which are the main research areas of the Department in Parma. At this level, during experimental and theoretical teachings, students work directly in the research laboratories within the Department and they interact with research groups. Students must also attend general seminars, and in particular they are encouraged to attend those covering topics that are related to their Dissertation.

The students will develop the capacity to create models and to approach critically research subjects, developing the flexibility typical for the graduates of this Course. Such characteristics are well known and appreciated, also outside academia.


The dissertation must contain an original  research work, under the supervision of a member of one of the research area in the Physics Department.

During dissertation activities, students learn to consult and use scientific bibliography, gathering experimental data and effectively analyzing them, building models to measure physical quantities, besides writing and discussing high quality, complex scientific reports.


Students may also complete their dissertation within private companies or other structures under a specific agreement with the University, activating a traineeship with a supervisor. They may also complete their dissertation while working within foreign Universities and laboratories, within the framework of international exchanges.