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The Master's Degree in Physics prepares the student to tackle the most advanced research topics in Physics. The Master of Science graduate acquires and develops both experimental, theoretical and mathematical skills and abilities, which make him/her flexible and able to deal with problems even in interdisciplinary fields. The Master's Degree in Physics provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the main areas of research in Physics: the areas covered at the University of Parma are Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics, their foundations and the most modern theoretical, experimental and numerical calculation methodologies. The didactic path of the Course of Study includes nine lessons of your choice out of a total of eleven. This guarantees the possibility to personalise the training course and to deepen the research themes of cutting-edge research with a study path balanced between theoretical and experimental aspects, flexible to the cultural needs of the student. In particular, three main courses are proposed: Physics of Matter and Functional Materials; Theoretical Physics; Biophysics and Soft Matter. The courses include activities aimed at acquiring knowledge of quantum physics, physics of matter, statistical physics and other more specific aspects of modern physics. The courses include laboratory activities that allow to acquire an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of experimental and numerical calculation methodologies. The student is trained in scientific research through the development of an original thesis with which to acquire familiarity with cutting-edge techniques, both in the field of experimental measurements and theoretical and computational methods. The student can carry out training internships in laboratories of research bodies and companies, and spend periods of study at universities and laboratories abroad, also within the framework of international exchange agreements. The Master's Degree in Physics provides the advanced skills that underpin important technological developments and synergies between Physics and other disciplines such as computer science, materials science, chemistry, biology and health sciences. The preparation provided allows access to Master and PhD courses in Physics in Italy and abroad or to related PhD courses such as Materials Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and others. In addition, the preparation allows an immediate work placement in the areas of research and development in the traditional fields of physics and in a wide range of interdisciplinary contexts that require mastery of the scientific method, technical skills and the ability to develop and validate models. For example, Physics graduates will find employment in the fields of energy, environment, finance, business consulting, health, cultural heritage and public administration. Physics graduates will also soon be able to work as freelance professionals, enrolled in the newly created Professional Register of Chemists and Physicists (Standard UNI 11683:2017) as Professional Physicist. The Professional Physicist carries out professional activities that require mastery of the scientific method, specific technical-scientific skills and the ability to model complex phenomena through the use of advanced and innovative methodologies. The lessons are held at the Physics Building of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Science, where the research activity of the Physics area teachers takes place. The Physics Building is located on the University Campus, an environment rich in green spaces and sports facilities available to students. In addition, the building has large spaces dedicated and accessible to students, and a computer room equipped with terminals. All the spaces of the Physics Building are accessible to people with motor disabilities.